July 17, 2017, 12:01 PM

Are We Salt and Light?

Vacation is an amazing time of relaxation and mental health renewal.  It is never time away from my Savior; He walks with me where ever I go.  My relationship with Him should permeate every aspect of my daily life.  As always, coming back from vacation reminds me how much I miss my church family.

Yesterday was just such a blessing, Pastor Tim is still teaching from the Sermon on the Mount.  His focus this week was on Matthew 5:13 & 14; we are the salt and light.  As a Christian, I need to live, speak, and act as one who has surrender their life to Christ.  I need to guard my heart against “world views” that do not line up with scripture.  If I succumb and practice these world views, I will lose my saltiness.

What good is salt without flavor? According to Matthew 5:13 it is worthless and will be thrown out and trampled on.  How do these scriptures apply to my life? I need to live like I’ve been redeemed to reach others for Christ.  If my life reflects today’s “world views” why would my neighbors (those going to hell) see a need for the Life Changing Grace of Jesus Christ.  Our life NEEDS to be salt and light to an unsaved world. We need to GLORIFY God daily with right living, attitudes, and values.